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This regional resources page is dedicated entirely to businesses other than our Chester County tree service.

Things to do.
Places to go.
Projects to start.

Looking for specific events happening in downtown West Chester?

Visit the West Chester Railroad for a fun afternoon.

Buy fresh/buy local. Here’s your guide.

Looking for organic farms, grass fed beef and poultry, raw milk and fresh eggs? click here

Corn Mazes and Pick Your Own Produce Farms here


EPA warning concerning the herbicide Imprelis

EPA has issued an order to immediately stop the sale, use and distribution of Imprelis.

EPA is warning homeowners and landscape contractors not to use grass clippings as mulch or compost that have been treated with Imprelis.

Imprelis is a herbicide sold by DuPont to lawn care professionals. Imprelis has been used on residential, industrial, institutional lawns as well as some golf courses.

Numerous reports of injury to trees have been reported to the EPA and DuPont after the use of Imprelis.

DuPont has voluntarily implemented a product return program.

More information can be found HERE

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